CSH Best Practice Examples

Purpose of the Best Practice Examples:
The following CSH best practice examples were developed to support health sector partners in working through a CSH lens using a particular health area as a focus for collaborative action in the school setting. Each example provides potential actions health professionals can use to support optimal student health and learning outcomes in the school setting, using the four pillars of CSH as a guide.

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CSH Best Practices Document for the Health Sector

Purpose of the Document
The CSH Best Practices Document provides health sector partners with general practice guidelines to support collaborative healthy schools actions. The document is intended to serve as guiding information on the roles and scope of the health sector in relation to healthy schools work in BC.

Download CSH Best Practices Document (PDF).

Map of Health Authorities and School Districts in BC

Purpose of the Map
The Health Authority-School District Map was created to support health and education sector partners in locating each school district in relation to the five Regional Health Authorities in BC. The map can be used as a quick and easy tool to support cross-sector collaboration for healthy schools work.

Download Map of Health Authorities and School Districts (PDF).