The Comprehensive School Health (CSH) Resource for Health Professionals provides frontline health professionals who work with schools/school districts with evidence-based information and tools to support them in applying a CSH lens to their healthy schools work. The Resource provides examples of how health professionals can support schools in promoting optimal health and learning outcomes, walks readers through their role in the Healthy Schools Process, and provides real stories of CSH in action from the perspective of health professionals across the province.

The CSH Resource for Health Professionals is intended to:

  • Build on the introductory CSH concepts found in the Comprehensive School Health Knowledge Guide
  • Be utilized by health professionals in all roles and capacities within the school/district setting
  • Support schools to better understand the role of the health sector in the school setting, and provide ideas for developing and strengthening relationships with their health partners
  • Support existing efforts to improve health and learning outcomes using a holistic, integrated approach

The purpose of this resource is to:

  • Provide best practice examples of potential ways you, as a health professional, could support your school/district in promoting optimal health and learning outcomes
  • Explore potential healthy school actions in each of the 4 pillars of CSH
  • Understand your role in the Healthy Schools Process using the Healthy Schools BC Learning Framework
  • Pull the concepts of CSH and the Healthy Schools Process together and apply them to your role in promoting health and learning in the school setting
  • Translate the theory and evidence behind CSH into real-world examples of health professionals applying this approach to their healthy schools work
  • Link you to helpful tools and resources that can support you in putting a CSH approach into practice

Download the Comprehensive School Health Resource for Health Professionals here.

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