These standards, develped by BC educators, are available as a resource for BC schools, aligning with the BC provincial curriculum. There are four aspects of the Healthy Living Performance Standards (HLPS): Healthy Eating, Active Living, Healthy Relationships, and Healthy Practices. They are available for all grade levels and support learning progression.

Why use the quick scale?
This quick assessment tool helps to provide feedback on where your students/classes are currently at (e.g. Emerging, Developing, Acquired, or Accomplished) in different healthy living areas.

How do I/we use the HLPS?
Students can complete the quick scales themselves or, if they are too young, a teacher can assess the class. It is meant to help start a conversation about where everyone is at with their knowledge around healthy living and how they can progress their learning.

Click on the images below to access the HLPS Quick Scales for your relevant grade levels.


For more information about the HLPS on the Ministry of Education website or to access the elaborated scales, click here

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