Healthy Schools BC builds the capacity of the health and education sectors to effectively implement healthy schools initiatives using a Comprehensive School Health approach. Strengthened health-education partnerships, tools for healthy school assessment and planning, and the coordination of existing school-based healthy living programs and resources combine to support improvements in students’ health and learning.

Healthy Schools BC involves a partnership between the ministries of Health and Education, health authorities, education partners, and other key stakeholders.

Because the Health and Wellbeing of Our Students Matter

Want to get involved in creating healthy classrooms and schools but not sure where to start?  You’ve come to the right place.  Healthy Schools BC brings together healthy schools information, inspirational stories, curated supports and resources from across BC into one convenient and easy to use website.   Many of the resources available on this website are designed for education and health professionals, however can also be accessed by parents and other interested groups.  With so many options available to get involved, Healthy Schools BC is your trusted source to support the health and wellbeing of your students.

Healthy Schools BC contains three main areas of support: Classroom and School ResourcesHealthy Schools BC Resources and the Healthy Schools Stories. To find out more about each section, read more below.

Select Classroom and School Resources

Start making a difference in your classroom or school by browsing the  Classroom and School Resources section. Resources included have been identified by Healthy Schools BC staff as educator-focused, evidence-informed and relevant across B.C.  Searching for what you need is made easy by keyword and category options.

Healthy Schools BC Resources

On this page, you’ll find a number of resources from Healthy Schools BC that support creating healthy classrooms and schools.  Stay up to date with healthy happenings by subscribing to the newsletter, apply for health-related grants, learn where to start by using the assessment tools, or work with the Resource Guide for a step by step process to create a healthy classroom or school.  Healthy Schools BC Resources page offers many custom made resources designed to support multiple aspects of health and wellness promotion in the classroom, school and school community.

Healthy Schools Stories

Have you ever wondered what healthy activities are happening in BC schools? Maybe even in your own neighbourhood or school? Healthy Schools Stories is a collection of inspiring stories from schools and districts around the province.  Have a story to share? Get in touch.