Healthy Schools BC Stories

Community: Quesnel
School Name: Lakeview Elementary School
School District: SD028
Health Authority: Northern Health Authority
School Level: Elementary
Category: School Connectedness
Inquiry: No
CSH Approach: No
Receieved HSN Grant: Yes
Date Submitted: 14/06/2015
Stephen Hawkins-Bogle
Education Sector

Circle of Courage

Video Design & Production Program for Senior Aboriginal Students.

Video Concept: The Circle of Courage.

Healthy Living Concepts: Belonging, Mastery, Generosity & Independence.

This year, 14 of our grade 6/7 students with Aboriginal Ancestry participated in a two-week Video Design Program. The topic of the project is the Circle of Courage. The Circle of Courage is based on the medicine wheel and is intended to help youth live a resilient and healthy lifestyle. There are four quadrants in the circle: Belonging, Mastery, Generosity and Independence. The 14 students were split into four small groups and each group created a video on a quadrant of their choice. The youth learned how to properly use technology (tripods, camcorder, microphones, etc), shoot the video, edit, and create animations. Their learning over the two weeks was outstanding. It was very impressive to see our students grow in confidence and work together as a team. We viewed this video school wide, and have presented it with the Aboriginal Education Council, and the School Board of Trustees. We will be showing it once again during our last regular assembly in June. We hope you like it!

Please see the attached document to learn more!

Supported by funding from a Northern Connections grant.