Nanaimo-Ladysmith and FNHA Partner to Reduce Vaping

Indigenous Ways of Wellness SD068 District Level Secondary Island Health Authority Public

Nanaimo-Ladysmith SD 68 partnered with First Nations Health Authority (FNHA), Naturally Healthy Clinic, and Dr. Sherilene M. Chycoski from Learning Alternatives on a district-wide initiative to reduce the use of non-medicinal tobacco and vape pens among their students. With additional assistance from their Elders, and a workshop from FNHA, students worked on their own personal wellness plans to replace non-medicinal smoking/vaping behaviours with healthy lifestyle choices including physical activity in the school gym. SD 68 students have reported positive results from the initiative, with one student saying “I have never felt this good in my whole life”. SD 68, FNHA, and Dr. Sherilene M. Chycoski are working on sharing the results of their initiative in a published report.