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Parent Action on Drugs

PAD was begun in 1983 by a group of parents concerned about the use of alcohol and other drugs by their teenage children. Through the years, PAD has developed a substantial portfolio of services. PAD develops and provides innovative and relevant resources and services, based on current research and “better/best practices” aimed at parents, professionals (teachers, health promoters, practitioners) and youth. PAD is an Ontario-wide organization whose programs and resources are used in communities across Canada.

PAD has a growing bank of programs, workshops, packages and brochures for different audiences. All programs and resources have been researched and tested with the appropriate audience and are consistently reviewed and updated unless noted otherwise. Whether a program is delivered directly by PAD staff and associates through a training workshop or presented in a package form for use by local and regional health and education professionals, it is our intention to work with you to make our materials most useful to you and your intended audience.

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