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The Mike and Vicki Project

The Mike and Vicki Project includes a web-based “choose-your-own-adventure” resource that follows two high school youths, Mike and Vicki, as they plan their weekend and attend a local bush party. In the resource the viewer’s decide which choices Mike will make and discover what the consequences may be, for Mike and those around him. Each choice leads down a different strand of the story. Should Mike take Ecstasy? Should he have a drink? Or should he just go home? You choose and then discover how your choice impacts Mike’s life, his relationship with Vicki, his friends and family.

Within the resource, the individual strands focus on different themes and incorporate a variety of topics, such as communication, relationships, substance abuse and alcohol use. Each strand is laid out in a common fashion with the story line finishing and the next screen posing the question “What just happened?” followed by Fast Facts. Each strand takes approximately ten minutes to complete, exclusive of the question screens.

A guide for the resource is available on the website. The handbook has two separate components:

1. A list of the strands including their individual themes and topics.

2. A detailed overview of each strand that includes:

a. The choice sequence to guide you through the strand

b. The “What just happened?” questions

c. Additional discussion questions relating to the specific strand with identified resources.

Examples of possible ways to use this resource (this list is not exhaustive, and other uses may be applicable):

a. as a presentation

b. in a small or large group

c. as targeted prevention

d. with an individual student or client

e. identify a theme for discussion (example – bullying, relationships, etc)

f. a supplementary resource for course work (example - psychology, planning, etc)

g. a resource to provide to a parent/care-giver

Web Site:
Target Audiences:
Education Staff
Health Authority Staff
Province Wide
More Information:
This resource has received support from the Centre for Addictions Research of BC.

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