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Take a Closer Look: Media and Health

Take a Closer Look: Media and Health is a new health teaching resource that supports the Planning, English, and Social Studies 10 curriculum. The resource is designed to support students to be media savvy in the modern world!

From advertising to branding, social networking to Googling, media messages are everywhere. Especially in the lives of teens. It’s not just because they are mass consumers of technology. Popular media often aims to influence them most.

The impact of media messages on teen’s health is well documented, showing an influence on violence, sex, substance use, physical activity and disordered eating to name a few.

Opting out of this media world isn’t an option. So let’s help teens be smart about it. Let them understand how it all works. It isn’t that hard. It’s just a process of developing some filters to help see media for what it really is.

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