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All public and private kindergarten to Grade 12 schools in British Columbia are tobacco-free under the Tobacco Control Act. This ban extends to school property at all times, and for all persons, regardless of whether or not school is in session. This law applies to students, school employees, parents, school visitors, on-site workers, guests, anyone attending non-school activities in schools or on school grounds, anyone in school vehicles, and anyone in private vehicles parked on school property. The ban covers all tobacco products, not just cigarettes.

Why is this law important?
Because everyone’s health is important.
Because most smokers start before the age of 18.
Because tobacco is addictive.
Because these requirements might help smokers in their efforts to quit.

Please support tobacco free schools. Support your school’s efforts to promote a healthy learning environment. Ensure that you comply with the law by not using any tobacco products while on school grounds, and encourage and support student awareness of the law. Make sure your children understand the consequences of violating the legislative provisions while at school, and support school officials if penalties are imposed.

Be a positive role model for your children, whether you’re a smoker or not. Encourage and help them say no to cigarettes, and don’t give them, or provide easy access to, tobacco products.

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Mon Sep 17, 2012

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