Healthy Schools BC Resources

Healthy Living Grants

There are a number of healthy living grants available to support your school community.

1. Healthy Schools BC Regional Grants

Healthy Schools BC Regional Grants are meant to support school districts and groups of First Nations, public and/or independent schools, in identifying, addressing and assessing priorities in the area of mental well-being through strengthening partnerships within the health and education sectors.

Based on a shared vision from DASH, Healthy Schools BC, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education, the grants support education and health-sector professionals to collaborate and build relationships, create a plan for identifying and addressing priorities and taking collaborative action regarding mental well-being and Indigenous ways of wellness to create healthy schools.

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The grant application deadline has now passed. 



2. Healthy Schools BC First Nations School Grants

Healthy Schools BC First Nations School Grants are intended to support First Nations schools in implementing Indigenous ways of wellness across a whole-school environment.

Indigenous ways of wellness recognize the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical as facets of a healthy, well, and balanced life. By nurturing all of these facets together, it can create a holistic level of well-being in which all four areas are strong and healthy (First Nations Perspective on Health and Wellness).

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3. External Grants

Searching for school grant opportunities can be a time consuming process and takes away from time spent in the classroom. That is why we’ve brought together a collection of various health and learning related school grant opportunities from various organizations from all over the province into one convenient location.