Tower Garden

Dr. D. A. Perley Elementary School Healthy Eating SD051 School Level Elementary Interior Health Authority Public

PART 1: Gathering Evidence/Scanning

The students in our school were super curious about the activity and were really engaged in learning about growing their own tower garden. It was so rewarding observing the students educating their peers with their new found knowledge!

PART 2: Focus and Plan, New Learning

Problem solving was something we all had the opportunity to work on initially as a team. We followed directions as closely as possible. – Assembled the tree and lights. – Planted vegetables and then transferred to tree once established. – Set timers. – Added appropriate amounts of nutrients as needed and balanced the PH in the water tank.

We focused on educating the students around the benefits of sustainability and growing their own food.

PART 3: Taking Action

Teachers were able to start off education by starting seeds in their individual classrooms. Child and youth counselors went into classrooms and talked about nutrition and healthy snacks.

Educated about the importance of vegetables in your daily diet. – Information received from nutritionist, a DVD on sustainable living was watched and grow charts were made.

Learning to be Empathetic was also something that came into play in terms of the students caring for living things.

PART 4: Reflect & Evaluate

The students were so proud of the results of all their effort and so excited to share the tower garden with their family and community.

The student’s excitement was contagious. I believe the next round with our tower garden in the fall will be even more successful as the staff who were present to witness our activity will be more likely to engage in the project! We are super excited! A big thank you to the HSN for providing us with this opportunity!