School District 51’s Bike Fleet

Grand Forks Senior Secondary School Mental Health & Well-being, Physical Activity SD051 District Level Secondary Interior Health Authority Public

School District 51 (Boundary) partnered with multiple community organizations on a Healthy Schools BC Regional Grant to create a bike fleet for local students. Grand Forks Senior Secondary School (GFSS) used the funds to purchase 8 new bikes to create a class-sized fleet that is housed in the GFSS Bike Shop. They were also fortunate to be supported by 3 local bike shops who provided a discount on the bikes and donated helmets for all the students. The school’s After School Sports Program also purchased individual locks to keep the bikes secure, and the GFSS Bike Shop helps youth build and care for the bikes.

Entire classrooms of students are now able to borrow the bikes to explore the abundance of trails in the local area and participate in cycle rides with their class. The bike fleet has been in constant use since school returned in the spring of 2020. Teachers and leaders take their students for bike rides whenever the weather is favourable, and every Wednesday there is an after-school bike club. Overall, the fleet has been a great tool to get youth moving and out in the local environment!