N’kwala School’s Healthy Snack Program

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N’Kwala School’s healthy snack program provides a nutritious morning snack to 20 to 25 students on a daily basis. N’kwala School used their Healthy Schools BC First Nations School Grant to purchase groceries to provide snacks to their students, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, cheese and yogurt. Once a week the students also receive fresh baked muffins from the school cook. The program supports local businesses as the cook shops at local grocery stores and contacts local farms to determine what fresh produce is available for purchase.

Furthermore, teachers have been able to use the program as a way to teach students about nutrition and highlight the importance of healthy eating. Overall, N’kwala School staff have seen a positive trend in learning and focused behaviours since implementing the healthy snack program, so they plan on continuing to offer this program throughout the 2020-2021 school year.