Locally Sourced Produce Enriches School Salad Bar Program

Huband Park Elementary School Healthy Eating SD071 School Level Elementary Island Health Authority Public

A successful student is a well nourished student and at Huband Park Elementary, the parents, volunteers and the surrounding farming community ensures the food that lands on the children’s plates is a wholesome, well sourced, nutrition packed meal that fuels the body and the mind. The Salad Bar program enables the kids at Huband to get a healthy salad lunch once a week. Each week the food theme is different to make the food experience both creative and enjoyable.

Recently, Huband Park received a $10,000 grant from Farm To School BC.

The salad bar program started in 2013 and takes place every Tuesday. The program begins in mid- to late September and runs throughout the school year. It’s been so successful and grown leaps and bounds since its first inception that Principal Charles Schilling had to share their story with the greater Valley through a creative video blog.

Image CreditScott Strasser, CV Record