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Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation Club

The Seventh Generation Club is an initiative for BC First Nations students. Through fun contests and activities, and with the help of the Club Captain, the Vancouver Canucks, the Club encourages students to make healthy choices, participate in sports in their community, and stay in school.

The Club is coordinated by the First Nations Education Steering Committee (FNESC) and First Nations Schools Association (FNSA) in partnership with the Vancouver Canucks and First Nations Health Council.


- Newsletters: Five issues are distributed throughout the school year to all Club members. The newsletter features fun facts, Canucks Corner, contests, and contest winning entries.

- Daytimers: Club members receive a daytimer at the beginning of each school year full of school tips, cool facts, fun games and pictures of what other kids are up to.

- Science Day: The Club sponsors an annual Science Day to educate students about the exciting world of science. To assist teachers, the Club has developed a booklet that highlights science experiments for teachers and support workers to conduct in their classrooms.

- Sports Day: The Club organizes an annual Sports Day to promote healthy living, teamwork and fun. All participating schools receive ribbons and buttons for participants.

- Contests: Club contests are featured in each of the newsletters and only members of the Club can win. Some of the great prizes given out are books, Seventh Generation Club t-shirts, hats, backpacks and various Canucks items. The winning entries are published in our newsletter and will soon be displayed on our website.

- Attendance Incentives: All students who have attended 95% or more of their classes throughout the school year will receive a prize. Students achieving 100% attendance will be entered into a draw to win autographed Canucks memorabilia.

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