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Breakfast for Learning BC & Yukon

Breakfast for Learning is the leading, national non-profit organization solely dedicated to child nutrition programs in Canada. As the nation’s lead advocate for quality nutrition in schools, we provide:

- nutrition grants that allow schools to obtain food, equipment and staff required to meet the needs of their school community;

- child nutrition education resources and tools to help raise awareness and educate communities about proper nutrition;

- research to support the vital link between child nutrition and learning; and

- a strong voice for child nutrition that advocates for national meal program in Canada and quality nutrition in schools.

We know that through feeding hungry children, we also nurture strong minds and provide students with the best chance of success possible.

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All Ages
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Mon Sep 17, 2012
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BFL provides grants, nutrition education materials, access to our team of registered dietitians and nutritionists, equipment funding, assistance with the recruitment and placement of volunteers and access to our Keys to Success award winning best practices tools to groups who are operating, or plan to operate, breakfast, and/or lunch, and/or snack programs for children and youth enrolled in a school as defined by federal, provincial/territorial legislation and curriculum for K-12 (pre-K if associated with school). Grants may provide partial funding for food, equipment, supplies, insurance, food safety training, and honorariums. BFL grants typically are not the primary financial source for School Nutrition Programs, rather they tend to supplement funding. Grant amounts are based upon a number of factors and range in size in accordance with these factors and qualified budgetary requirements. B FL understands the need for and encourages the use of multiple funding partners to ensure programs will be sustainable. Nutrition programs not considered for BFL funding: a) Child Care/Day Care Programs b) Community Kitchens c) Parent/Child & Pre-school Programs d) College or universities e) Adult education

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