UBC Social Emotional Learning Resource Finder

UBC Social Emotional Learning Resource Finder
Learn about fostering mental well-being and supporting students who have mental health difficulties

The UBC SEL Resource Finder provides a variety of resources that are able to aid adults in the creation of environments where children and youth feel safe seeking help when needed, where biases and stigmas are reduced, and where feelings of acceptance, belonging and well-being are increased.

The resource database is split into two sections, Learn and Support.

The Learn section contains resources that teach adults about promoting mental health literacy and fostering mental well-being in their classrooms and schools. It also assists with understanding why it is important for adults to provide accommodations so that students can get the most out of their educational experience.

The Support section contains resources that enable adults to find out what they can do to help students who experience mental health difficulties in order to promote mental well-being and reduce stigma. It also assists with understanding how to increase students’ willingness to ask for help when needed and how to create safe and accepting environments in which students can learn optimally.

Interested individuals can access the resource database here.