Canada’s Food Guide Revision

Canada’s Food Guide Revision
Communicating guidance in ways that better meet the needs of different users

Health Canada is in the process of revising Canada’s Food Guide with a goal of communicating guidance in ways that better meet the needs of different users. This is a key initiative of their healthy eating strategy.

To date, Health Canada has presented Guiding Principles on healthy eating recommendations.  Once finalized, these recommendations will inform the development of consumer messages, tools and resources.

In mid-2018, Health Canada will release new dietary guidance policy for health professionals and policy makers as well as supporting key messages and resources for Canadians. In mid-2019, Health Canada will release updated healthy eating patterns (recommended amounts and types of foods) and additional resources for Canadians.

Registered dietitians at HealthLink BC can answer any healthy eating and nutrition questions. To speak with a registered dietitian, call 8-1-1 from 9am to 5pm Pacific Time Monday to Friday, or you can e-mail a HealthLink BC dietitian.

Interested individuals can find out more information about the revision process here.

Update: Explore the new Canada’s Food Guide.