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CSH Four Pillar Activity

4 pillas

What is it?

This tool is a great activity to start a conversation around what is currently going on in the classroom and/or school within each pillar.

Why use the CSH 4 Pillar Activity?

This can help you to identify which pillars have a lot of action/effort and which ones may need more attention.

How to use it

You can use this tool with your class, or school and here are some examples of how it can be used:

a) As a stand-alone activity: Have conversations around the 4 pillars with one or more of the aspects of the HLPS. Record what is happening in your class and/or school in the different pillars to identify which areas are currently focused on and which ones could use more attention; or,

b) As a follow-up to the HLPS Quick Scales: If you completed the HLPS Quick

Scales you can also use those results (which area you have an interest in or have the lowest assessment result) with the 4 pillar activity to develop a focus. 

Click here to download the CSH 4 Pillar Activity:

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