Healthy Schools BC Stories

Community: Coquitlam
School Name: Coquitlam River Elementary
School District: SD043
Health Authority: Fraser Health Authority
School Level: Elementary
Category: Positive Mental Health
Inquiry: Yes
CSH Approach: No
Receieved HSN Grant: No
Date Submitted: 20/12/2018
Haley Barton
Community Organization / Association

Physical Self Regulation

We did many activities during the day/week to promote physical self regulation. The day started with an optional kids activity program, there was also a morning circuit in the gym for teachers to use with the class at 9 am. Students could access the sensory room with exercise bike, mini-trampoline, balance beam and stability balls for students to become more regulated when feeling disregulated. Also on Fridays, we had Fit Friday which was student led aerobics activity for the whole school.