Healthy Schools BC Stories

Community: Gabriola
School Name: Gabriola Elementary School
School District: SD068
Health Authority: Island Health Authority
School Level: Elementary
Category: Healthy Relationships (general)
Inquiry: Yes
CSH Approach: No
Receieved HSN Grant: No
Date Submitted: 17/09/2018
Haley Barton
Community Organization / Association

Learning in Depth & Buddy Classes Foster School-Connectedness

To support relationship building through intentional learning practices, we developed a school-wide inquiry and innovation model for collaboration to guide our inquiry.

Through Learning in Depth together in multi-aged partnerships engaged with the people (community members) and places (the natural and developed environments) of our island, how can we best promote mental well-being, relationships and connections for all learners in a place-based approach to education?

Gabriola Elementary engaged in various activities throughout the school year to support school connectedness. From buddy classes, to building partnerships through Theme Teams and participating in multi-class field trips, Gabriola strengthened their commitment to relationship-building and place-based education.

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