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Langley Restorative Action Program

A program started in collaboration with the Langley, B.C. School District in 2000, we bring experiential-based learning in a circle format to the Elementary School classroom (10-12 sessions, weekly, available from grades K-7). In our circles, youth learn about focused topics and practice skills that relate to conflict such as creating connection, empathy, understanding and coping with emotions, anger and arousal, perspective taking and assumptions, good listening and communication skills. After this base is set, these youth learn and practice how to peacefully resolve conflicts based on Restorative Justice Principles.

Our Highschool program trains youth (grades 8-12) in Restorative Peer Mediation, and with our support, provides opportunities for Highschools to set up a Peer Mediation Program where trained youth co-facilitate and help resolve the minor conflicts of their peers. Referrals are made by staff, and teachers, and a number of these peer mediator programs are also involved in the mentorship of younger students through "Buddy" programs at schools nearby. Many youth involved as mediators report big gains in their skills as conflict resolvers and leadership, as well as their capacity to deal with friends and family. Youth involved in mediation report a better sense of connectedness to their school and peers.

We offer both training of youth and staff Canada-wide and Internationally, and have a set Curriculum for our Elementary circle program available to any interested schools or community groups.

Our goal is to create sustainable community based change, that gives youth the skills they need to deal with conflict in a positive non-punitative way. By building capacity in all youth, we hope to create a safer learning environment, better connection and inclusion between peers, and a stronger positive sense of self that increases resilience through their formative years.

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