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Let’s get moving. It’s a simple message ParticipACTION is bringing to Canadians across this country. Moving more is the key to creating a Canada that is happier and healthier. Luckily, we live in a wonderful place where the opportunity to get moving is right at our doorstep, at home, in our local communities, and beyond. We want to change minds about what it means to be physically active. Imagine a country where physical activity is a vital part of every day life, and not one more item to check off a to do list. Our goal is to create a nation where daily physical activity is not only a priority, but also second nature – as natural as child’s play. And it starts with taking time to just move more. Bringing Canadians together and uniting them under the banner of creating a nation where physical activity is a vital part of everyday life – that is the future ParticipACTION envisions. And every step of the way, ParticipACTION will be there for you – we are your partner, your inspiration, your coach who never lets you doubt that you can do it. Come on, Canada. Let’s get moving.

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