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April 5, 2013
In general, Vancouver Foundation supports growth and innovation through project-based grants for new initiatives that:
1. are community self-directed
  • demonstrate commitment from applicants and their partners
  • link to the organizations’ mandates and strategic plans
  • build upon community strengths
  • show evidence of collaboration with others in the same field
  • are funded by 50% or more from other sources
  • involve those affected by the proposal in the development, implementation and evaluation of the proposal
  • use, enhance, mobilize or expand the skills, capacities and assets of local people and communities
2. lead to measurable and sustainable impact
  • are likely to be effective and to serve as a model for others
  • address root causes
  • respond to identified needs and priorities
  • show evidence of significant, appropriate and local support
  • provide realistic plans for longer-term funding, if the project will be ongoing
Vancouver Foundation will consider requests for multi-year funding for initiatives or activities that may take longer than one year to fully develop, and/or to achieve/document results that are meaningful, or to build sustainability. Applications of this nature should generally not exceed a three-year time frame.

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