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January 25, 2019
BC Provincial Health Office has released the report Taking the Pulse of the Population: An Update on the Health of British Columbians.

This report provides a comprehensive overview on the health of British Columbians using the 36 performance measures identified in Promote, Protect Prevent: Our Health Begins Here. BC’s Guiding Framework for Public Health (the Guiding Framework). It explores each of the nine areas identified in the Guiding Framework: overarching measures, healthy living and healthy communities, maternal child and family health, positive mental health and prevention of substance harms, communicable disease prevention, injury prevention, environmental health, public health emergency management, and health surveillance. Each performance measure is evaluated for progress in moving toward the associated 10-year target, and examined by socio-demographic and other variables when possible (e.g., by sex, age, health authority). The report concludes with seven recommendations that are intended to advance the health of British Columbians and move the population toward our provincial targets by 2023.

To view the report click here.