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December 6, 2017

Resources to Promote Belonging and Inclusion

Advice, tools, and insights to help fight hate and promote love in the classroom, school and school community

Resources to Promote Belonging and Inclusion is a guide created by the Afterschool AllianceEvery Hour Counts, and the National After School Association. Although the resources, advice, tools and insights provided in this guide are designed with afterschool program leaders and summer learning providers in mind, all teachers, educators and school staff are able to gain valuable insights from this guide.

Diversity – seen in many different aspects of life through culture, spoken language, religion, race, ethnic background, gender and sexual orientation to name a few – is something that should be celebrated in all areas of our lives.

Unfortunately, events happening across the country and around the world have young people witnessing and experiencing racism, bigotry and hate in their lives, in their communities and in all forms of media. For that reason, it is particularly important to celebrate diversity in the school community and to help create an environment where students feel safe, seen, heard, supported, significant and cared for.

This guide provides the information necessary to help fight hate and promote love in the classroom, school and school community, including discussion of the important role that current events play in the lives of children and youth, assistance with the navigation of difficult but necessary conversations with children and youth, and help to ensure that children and youth feel protected within the school environment.

Everyone has a role to play in promoting a sense of belonging and inclusion, including advocating for safety and security and supporting peaceful and prosperous places free from bigotry and hate.

You can access Resources to Promote Belonging and Inclusion here.