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December 6, 2017

December 10th Is World Human Rights Day

Empower students with learning they can apply far beyond the school environment

December 10th is World Human Rights Day. For children and youth to understand how they should be treated and how they should treat others, they need to learn about equality and human rights. Teaching your students about these topics can also help to increase school connectedness.

When children and youth are exposed to lessons on equality and human rights, they gain an awareness and respect of their own rights and responsibilities and the rights and responsibilities of others; they develop understanding, respect and tolerance for differences and diversity; and they gain knowledge of how to tackle any prejudicial behaviours that they and others are faced with.

Lessons on equality and human rights help to establish a healthier, happier and fairer classroom and school culture. They can also lead to reductions in bullying and other negative behaviours, and improvements in academic achievement and in relationships between students and staff. These outcomes support the focus of school connectedness in creating a school community where everyone feels safe, seen, heard, supported, significant and cared for.

Educating students about equality and human rights empowers them with learning that they will use far beyond the classroom environment. In fact, they will take the lessons that they have learned with them as they venture onto the playground, to their extra-curricular activities, into their homes and into the wider community.

In our ever-changing and continuously diversifying society, it is now more important than ever to educate children and youth about equality and human rights, and to continue to empower them to foster positive and open-minded attitudes.

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