News and Updates
May 4, 2017

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100+ physical activity and healthy earing resources with connections to mental well-being are now available and downloadable for registered Action Schools! BC users. The Action Schools! BC website now houses over 100 new and enhanced Action Schools! BC resources that can be used by elementary educators as they work with students on learning to be healthy. The response received from users so far has been extremely positive! School staff and educators are excited to have the resources available online and to have them broken down into bite-sized activities. Register for the Action Schools! BC website here to get access to these downloadable resources.

The Action Schools! BC regional teams have been busy engaging schools and supporting them to develop and implement action plans. Those schools with completed action plans are now accessing Action Schools! BC resources and supports, including physical literacy and food literacy mentorship as well as equipment grants. Through the action planning process, schools are encouraged to think BIG and look at healthy living through a holistic and comprehensive lens to improve the education and well-being of their students. Making use of the Comprehensive School Health (CSH) Framework allows educators, health practitioners, school staff, students and others to work together to foster an environment that makes their school the best place to learn, work and play.

As they develop action plans, schools are able to identify tangible and realistic activities under each of the four pillars of the CSH Framework to help them achieve their healthy living goals and objectives. Examples of activities schools have put forward include, reducing student stress levels and increasing happiness in school, working with teachers to develop physical literacy plans for the year, reducing sugar intake and raising awareness of sugar content and many other inspiring ideas. Visit the Action Planning page on the Action Schools! BC website to learn more about action planning and contact your Regional Development Coordinator (RDC) to get your school started.