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 Cross- Sector Engagement Rubric

Purpose of the Rubric:
The Key Components of Cross-Sector Engagement rubric was developed to support relationship building opportunities between cross-sector partners.

How to Use the Rubric:Rubric Page 1
Page 1 of the rubric presents the key components of engagement that are typically observed in the four stages of collaborative relationship-building. Moving from left to right, users of this tool can both identify where they are at along this continuum of engagement and also track their progress as relationships develop. Users may find elements of their partnership exist in more than one stage at any given time, and are encouraged to use this tool to support them in identifying where further engagement strategies may need to be focused. 

Page 2 of the rubric provides question-based strategies for suRubric Page 2pporting  the development of cross-sector partnerships. The questions presented at each stage can be used to generate new conversations and encourage a deeper exploration of ideas and shared learning among partners.

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