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Healthy Schools Research

These collected research articles highlight research that relates to healthy schools, the Healthy Living Performance Standards and Comprehensive School Health, and many have a British Columbia focus. They are intended to support and guide healthy school efforts and to share within the healthy schools community.

Comprehensive School Health
Comprehensive School Health Research Group. (2006, 2009 revised). The Better Practices Model resource guide: Informing future researchers, policy makers and organizations.
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Promoting Health in Schools: From Evidence to Action - International Union for Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE)
Healthy Eating
Day, M.E., Strange, K.S., McKay, H.A., Naylor, P.J. (2008). Action Schools! BC - Healthy Eating: Effects of a whole-school model to modifying eating behaviours of elementary school children. Canadian Journal of Public Health 99(4) 328-331.
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Active Living
Zebedee, J., Gibbons, S.L., & Naylor, P.J. (2010). Family influence on physical activity: Exploring the nature of reciprocal relationships. PHEnex Journal, 2(3), 1-17.
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Healthy Practices
Tobacco Use Among BC Youth (McCreary Centre Society)
Child- and Youth-Friendly Land-use and Transportation Planning Guidelines for British Columbia. (2010). Gilbert, R., O’Brien, C.; The Centre for Sustainable Transportation.
Joni A. Mayer, Susan I. Woodruff, Donald J. Slymen, James F. Sallis, Jean L. Forster, Elizabeth J. Clapp, Katherine D. Hoerster, Latrice C. Pichon, John R. Weeks, George E. Belch, Martin A. Weinstock, Todd Gilmer. (2011) Adolescents’ Use of Indoor Tanning: A Large-Scale Evaluation of Psychosocial, Environmental, and Policy-Level Correlates. American Journal of Public Health 101:5, 930-938
Healthy Relationships
Youth who are bullied (McCreary Centre Society)
The Effectiveness of Whole-School Anti-bullying Programs: A Synthesis of Evaluation Research. (2004). Smith, J., Schneider, B., Smith, P., Ananiadou, K. School Psychology Review, Vol. 33(4), pp.547-560
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Positive Mental Health
Morrison, W. & Kirby, P. (2010). Schools as a Setting for Promoting Positive Mental Health: Better Practices and Perspectives. Summerside, PEI: Joint Consortium for School Health.
Making the Right Connections: Promoting positive mental health among BC youth (McCreary Centre Society)
Educating the Heart as well as the Mind: Social and Emotional Learning for School and Life Success - Kimberly A. Schonert-Reichl and Shelley Hymel

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